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Ben Hogan Cards 1980 thru 1989
   (1 card in this decade)

1981 True Value Hardware
Pat Summerall's All Time Great Sports Stars Collection   Book #2

        #99/100              3 1/2"  x  5 1/2"

This is not a true golf card as compared to other cards, but has been accepted by collectors as such.  It is a page from one of the four sports booklets from 1981. 

In 1981, True Value Hardware, with spokesperson Pat Summerall, issued a series of four sports booklets entitled “Pat Summerall’s All-Time Great Sports Stars Collection.”  There was a front/back biography of some of the greatest to play the game in every sport.  It also included the most famous race horses and their jockeys as well as other minor sport stars.  The set included eleven golfers.

The booklets can actually be readily found on Ebay and you can easily take them apart and make collections of each individual sport relatively cheaply.  Mr. Hogan is found in Booklet #2.

Here are photos of the Set of 4 Books and just Book #2:

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