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Ben Hogan Cards 1960 thru 1969     (9 cards in this decade)

1960  1 card

1960 Anglo American Chewing Gum  (England)

Sports Parade

        #9          2 1/4"  x  2 5/8"

The Anglo American Chewing Gum cards (not actually cards but wax inserts) came in 3 issues, each with 48 cards: 

“Sports Gallery" with 2 golfers: #5 Bobby Jones and #22 Walter Hagen; 

“Sports Parade" with 2 golfers: #9 Ben Hogan and #12 Babe Zaharias; 

“World of Wonders” with 2 golf related cards: 40C Question and 40C Answer.

Naturally, being inside with a wrapped piece of gum, most are found with gum stains and folds and wrinkles.  However, there were a few “proof” issues available that are in Mint condition.  

The Sports Parade issue has many different sports represented.  Examples are: Track 
and Field/Jesse Owens; Figure Skating/Sonja Henie; Boxing/Joe Louis; Tennis/Bill Tilden; Swimming/Johnny Weismuller; Rifle Shooting/Annie Oakley; along with Ice Hockey, Football (Soccer) , Water Speed Records, Billiards, Auto Racing, Horse Racing, and Questions and Answer cards.

The Ben Hogan card is also found in a panel with:  Ben Hogan/Gordon Richards/Suzanne Lenglen

1961  1 card

1961 Clevedon Confectionery Ltd   (England)
Sporting Memories

       #6             3 7/8"  x  2 1/2"

In the early 1960’s, Clevedon Confectionery released two card issues that contained golf cards. 
The first issue is named “International Sporting Stars.”  It was issued in 1960 and is smaller in size than the 1961 issue.  There were 6 golf cards in this issue.  Three question cards and three answer cards as follows: #20 Harry Weetman/#31 Answer Card; #41 Dai Rees/#10 Answer Card; #50 Ken Bousfield/#1 Answer Card.

Here is an example of some of the 1960 "International Sporting Stars" cards:  (Vertical Fronts)

The 1961 issue is called “Sporting Memories.”  It contains 25 cards and is the issue that has the #6 Ben Hogan card.  It also has another golf card, #13 Dai Rees.  The most common back printing color is blue, but these cards can also be found with a black printing color.

Here is a rare advertising poster for the 1961 "Sporting Memories" issue:  (Horizontal Fronts)

1962  1 card

1962 Ben Hogan Disk Card  (Argentina)
Editorial Bruguera - Religious Magazine
Los Diez Mandamientos - Set of Cards

#NNO           1 3/4" diameter

This card is from a 1962 Argentina Album (or supplement) called Los Diez Mandamientos  (The Ten Commandments).  Other sport athletes, along with movie stars, are found in this album.

A page from the album

1963  No cards

1964   2 cards

1964 Ben Hogan Playing Cards
Red and Blue Entire Decks

        All card #'s  RED               2 1/4"  x  3 1/2"

All card #'s    BLUE              2 1/4"  x  3 1/2"

Even though these are not “true” trading cards, these are still collected by many Ben Hogan collectors as they depict the perfect “Hogan Impact” image.  They also show a facsimile autograph in the lower right hand corner of each card.  Not sought after by every collector, but by enough to be considered for a Ben Hogan collection.

There are several different playing card manufacturers that have made Ben Hogan cards with the red and blue backs.  The U.S. Playing Card Company and Bicycle Playing Card Company are two that come to mind.  They are often found being sold as the pair with the red and blue backed decks in the same box

1965   3 cards

1965 APBA Golf Game
APBA Golf Game Card

      Set #32ATG             2 1/2"  x  3 1/2"

The APBA game was first played in the 1930’s by a group of high school boys in Lancaster, PA.  It was conceived by one of the boys, Dick Seitz.  He based it on another game of that time called “National Pastime”, but Dick used dice and on-field performances of individual players in his new game.  The group called themselves the “American Professional Baseball Association.”  Thus the title of the new game was born, APBA.

The game went into market in 1951 and Mr. Seitz quit his real job in 1957 to make APBA a career.  Golf was added to the mix in the 1960’s and both baseball and golf APBA games continue to be made to this day.

As you can see from the above card, players vital statistics are on the card along with stats used in the playing of the game.

Below is the envolpe that houses this set and the Jones card from this set:

1965 Shell Corporation
Wonderful World of Golf
Calendar Card of 1965 Matches

       #NNO             3 1/2"  x  2 1/2"
Shell's Wonderful World of Golf started in 1961 and ran through 2003.  These matches became a very popular TV series beginning in 1962 and going through 1970.  It then again aired from 1994 thru 2003.  The color commentator for most matches was Gene Sarazen.  The format pitted two popular golf professionals playing an 18 hole stroke play match.  These matches took place at Golf Clubs all over the world.  Each match took hours to complete, as the TV crews had to move the few cameras used in the early matches from position to position.

Ben Hogan's only match was played in 1964 and aired in 1965.  This match was against Sam Snead and played at the Houston Country Club.  This match actually took two days to complete, as a huge rainstorm forced the match to be stopped early on the first day.   Mr. Hogan would eventually win the match with a 69 to Sam Snead's 72.

1965 Slazenger Golf Club Company
Hogan Promotional Card

Card or

1966   1 card

1966 AP News Features
Sports Slants by Pap  "Scrapbook Collection"

       #19           4"  x  5"

1946 Book  "Sport Slants" by Pap

Tom "Pap" Paprocki was an AP sports cartoonist during the middle part of the 1900's.  His Sports Slants began with Sunday strips in 1942 and continued into 1955.  His work featured anecdotes and illustrations of sports figures and sports connected celebrities of the day.  In 1946, his works were turned into a "comic book" like publication.  After the Sunday strips ended, "Pap" continued to do sport illustrations for newspapers.  This one featuring Ben Hogan was published in 1966.   The back of this gives information about how the NFL and AFL were butting heads to sign players just before their merger.
1967 thru 1969   No cards

This marks the end of all of the Ben Hogan cards from the 1960's decade.
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