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The only Ben Hogan card from the 1940's
(1 card in this decade)

1949 Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago
Sports Champions

Ben Hogan's 1st Card

        #NNO            3 5/16"  x  5 3/8"

In 1948, the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago issued a set of 32 multi-sport athletes in black and white.  This set was called "Sports Champions".  Later that year, this same set was reissued with a green tint.  In 1949 some of the athletes were replaced with other athletes and Ben Hogan was one of those replacements, due to his terrific 1948 season.  This 1949 set was printed with a blue tint.  Therefore, you will only find the Hogan card in the blue tint.  However due to darkness of the blue tint, the card often looks like a black and white card.

There were "Proof Sheets" produced on a thin paper stock and on the usual thicker card stock, also.  Usually these sheets were cut into smaller groups for display and selling purposes.  These sheets demand a high price whenever they come up at auction.

The 1949 Ben Hogan Exhibit card rarely comes up for sale, either through auction houses or on Ebay.  If you are a true Ben Hogan card collector, you need one of these in your collection, so grab one when you see it, as the
Ben Hogan card is one of the most sought after cards from this set.

Part of a "Proof Set" sheet

This is all there is for the 1940's decade
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