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About Me

I started collecting golf back in 1980 and joined the Golf Collectors Society (now the Golf Heritage Society) a year later.  Any golf book was my first quest.  That collecting pursuit lasted for a dozen years at which point I sold most of that collection to a fine gentleman who had opened a golf memorabilia shop at Pebble Beach.  After a year, I knew I still had the passion for golf collecting and found a few of the 1981 Donruss golf cards that I had purchased years earlier.  There began a long term addiction to golf card collecting.  Along with golf cards of all types, I got back into golf books published 1949 and before.  That led me into comic books with some reference to golf on the cover.  

Over the past 10 years, my cards and books have slowly ended up in the hands of other collectors.  The golf cover comic book collection, of close to 500 golf covers, has recently been donated to the USGA Museum.  The collecting passion remaining for this "74 year old" are my Ben Hogan cards and his books.