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Ben Hogan Golf Cards

Dr. Brian H. Price

Brian H. Price was born in Toronto Canada in 1947.  Very early in his life, his family moved to the northern part of Toronto where a lot of new housing was being developed.  Around the age of 6, Brian started gathering pop bottles from the construction sites.  On the weekend, he would clean them up and then cash them in for 2 cents apiece at the local variety store.  He then used the money he made to purchase 5 cent packs of Parkhurst hockey cards.  He put together almost complete sets of Series 1, 2 and 3.  During his growing up years, he played golf with his father, played hockey until he was about 14, baseball to 16, and basketball through high school. Brian graduated from high school in 1965 and from college in 1968.  He soon received two letters on the same day.  The first stated that he had been accepted to Law School.  The 2nd stating that he had been accepted to Dental School.  He approached his mother to get her advice.  She said “since your older brother is already a Lawyer, you should become a Dentist”.  So, he enrolled in Med school and graduated from Dental College in 1972. Now Brian Price became Dr. Brian Price. 

Over the next several years he became a very successful dentist and franchised many dental clinics all throughout Canada, eventually being able to retire very early in life in 1990.  With not much else to do at the moment, Dr. Price went about trying to complete his Parkhurst hockey card collection that his mother had kept for him all those years.  The owner of one of the local card shops that he visited asked Dr. Price if he would be interested in helping him with the store and other concerns.  This eventually led Dr. Price into becoming, with a couple of partners, owners of the Parkhurst name and in becoming the CEO of Parkhurst which became a sub-licensor of Pro Set.  This stopped in 1995 as Parkhurst lost its hockey license.  But around that same time, Dr. Price had begun producing hockey cards under “Be A Player” with Pinnacle.  Then there was a Chapter 11 which turned into a Chapter 7, but Dr. Price was able to come out of this individually intact and created “In the Game”.   Going farther into the future, Dr. Price lost any hockey licenses he had due to the 2004-2005 player’s strike.  This was due mainly to the players desire to have more control over their name, image, likeness (NIL) when it came to the trading cards.  But he continued on and produced the “Fanatics” set and did work with Upper Deck. 

Wondering what was in store for his future, he eventually purchased the rights to the “Sport Kings” name in 2007.  He changed the name to one word, SportKings and produced those cards through 2013, when he sold the right to the name to Leaf Trading Card Company.  During this time, though, in 2010 he also issued a very nice set of cards called “Famous Fabrics”.  (Going back to around 2000, Dr. Price was involved in a big controversy in the Memorabilia Collecting field when he started cutting up Jerseys to put patches on the cards he was producing).  After selling to Leaf, he had a couple of down years before he started up another venture with “President’s Choice” cards in 2016-2017, which continues to this day.  (Dr. Price, once again, ran into controversy with the "President's Choice" name.  However,  as usual, he knew what he was doing and the name stayed).

The reason for all of this information about Dr. Price is his contributions to the Ben Hogan Golf Cards that can be found today.  Known to me, as of the beginning of 2024, the SPORTKINGS brand has 79 BH cards, FAMOUS FABRICS has 16 BH cards, and PRESIDENT’S CHOICE has 31 BH cards and counting.  I know of approximately 420 Ben Hogan golf cards.  Dr. Price has his name on the back of over 120 of these or almost 30% of all of the Ben Hogan cards known to me.

Dr. Price is a very personable gentleman and very approachable, willing to share his adventures and discuss the sport trading card industry.   He is a genuine human being that just loves the sport trading card business.  Dr. Price now resides in Boca Raton, Florida.  You can learn more about Dr. Price from a couple of past You-Tube videos.  One is from “Sports Card Live” Episode #13 from around 2020.  The 2nd is from “Cardboard Culture” Episode #11 from 2022.  Both of these are worth the watch to learn more about this amazing person who has done so much for the sports trading card world.

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